West Chester, Liberty
& Fairfield Townships
OHIO 52nd District

The Politics of Common Sense

Common Sense Clean Government

in Corruption

Ohio has a rich history of Republican political corruption. From Cincinnati’s Boss Cox on up to Robert Taft Jr’s Coin-gate. And more recently we had Ex-Speaker Rosenberg’s Pay Day Lender Scandal and now Larry Householder outdoes them all.

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Education - Common Sense

in Education

Public schools were invented in America and are part of what makes us great!

The Ohio legislature was charged by the Supreme Court to fix the Ohio K-12 school system, and the political leadership has ignored the issue for 17 years! Seriously!!

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Common Sense Gun Safety

in Gun Safety

The Second Amendment was ratified over 200 years ago in 1791 with a caveat that it applied to a well regulated militia. When I was born, regulation of firearms was an accepted covenant of modern society. We grew up in relative safety. In 1975 the NRA began a campaign of lobbying for legislation financed by the international gun industry and designed for the unlimited proliferation of weapons in the United States of America. Times changed, our nation became polarized and in 2008 the US Supreme Court issued the Heller decision which, for the first time in United States history, articulated an individual’s right to bear arms.

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Common Sense Healthcare

in Health Care

Every responsible citizen should be concerned about the cost of healthcare. From pharmaceutical policies that have us paying more than the other countries to skyrocketing premiums and deductibles, this has to be a top priority.

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Green IS Common Sense - Recognizing Real Costs

in Energy Environment

Like any parent, I try my best to plan for a future of my kids and someday I hope to have grandchildren. It’s unfair that many of the wonders of the world are changing before our very eyes due to impacts of global warning and climate change that may prove to be irreversible. By acknowledging this reality and planning for it we fulfill our obligation of good stewardship to the land, air and water of Ohio.

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