West Chester, Liberty
& Fairfield Townships
OHIO 52nd District

For Common Sense


Healthcare, Education, Clean Government

Chuck For Ohio
Representative 52nd District
West Chester Township, Liberty Township

About Chuck Horn

  • 37 Years Helping People With the Rule Of Law

  • At Lexis Nexis, Chuck lead people and managed information technology to solve problems

  • 25 Year West Chester Resident

  • UC Bearcat: Economics, Business and Law

  • 2 Lakota Band Kids

Gun Safety

Real Background Checks

Limit High Capacity Magazines



Public Option


Livable Wages

Safe Working Conditons

Investment in Infrastructure

Level Playing Field for Working People

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Political Ideology - Common Sense

Forget about your party affiliation for a second and just consider what makes sense for you and your community.

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Albert Webb
Greg Newell Advertising

I've spent hours discussing politics with Chuck. I'm Libertarian and lean right but when it comes to local issues, you can't beat Chuck! He loves the community, has a good focus on what is locally relavent and would be a good representative for everyone in this community.

Kelly McMillan
Kelly McMillan Entrepreneur

Chuck really helps small businesses. Though he has a great program for every sector, his thoughts on developing small companies may greatly improve the role of entrepreneurs.

Harold Barnett
Harold Barnett Artist

The political programs of Mr. Horn, among other options, are aimed at taking care of our community, which is very important for our state and that’s exactly why I appreciate what he does.

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West Chester, Liberty & Fairfield Townships

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