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The political programs of Mr. Horn, among other options, are aimed at taking care of our community, which is very important for our state and that’s exactly why I appreciate what he does.
— Harold Barnett, Artist

Who I Am

  • 37 Years Helping People With the Rule Of Law
  • At Lexis Nexis, Chuck lead people and managed information technology to solve problems
  • 25 Year West Chester Resident
  • UC Bearcat: Economics, Business and Law
  • 2 Lakota Band Kids
          Chuck really helps small businesses. Though he has a great program for every sector, his thoughts on developing small companies may greatly improve the role of entrepreneurs.

— Kelly McMillan, Entrepreneur

What I Stand For


✔ Real Background Checks

✔ Limit High Capacity Magazines



✔ Livable Wages

✔ Safe Working Conditions

✔ Investment in Infrastructure

✔ Level Playing Field for Working People




✔Public Option


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