West Chester, Liberty
& Fairfield Townships
OHIO 52nd District

The Politics of Common Sense

Common Sense Healthcare

in Health Care

Every responsible citizen should be concerned about the cost of healthcare. From pharmaceutical policies that have us paying more than the other countries to skyrocketing premiums and deductibles, this has to be a top priority.

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About Chuck Horn

Chuck Horn is running for Ohio State Representative in the 52nd District.

37 Years Helping People With the Rule Of Law

At Lexis Nexis, Chuck lead people and managed information technology to solve problems

25 Year West Chester Resident

UC Bearcat: Economics, Business and Law

2 Lakota Band Kids

52nd District

Paid for by the Charles J. Horn Campaign Committee, William L. Montague, Treasurer, 15 West 4th Street, Unit 605, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

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