West Chester, Liberty
& Fairfield Townships
OHIO 52nd District

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Political Campaign

Mr. Henderson’s campaign is based on necessary improvements for economic, political, cultural, and social sectors.

Become a Volunteer

Feel free to become a volunteer of Roger Henderson’s team and help us implement governmental change directly and more efficiently.


Your donations help Roger Henderson achieve more for the welfare of our state. Consider donating today to improve your life.

About This Program

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Support the Campaign

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Change the Country with Roger Henderson



Albert Webb
Albert Webb Freelancer

Mr. Henderson is one of those politicians who really care about their supporters. He knows how to help the citizens while also improving the economic situation by introducing correct regulations.

Kelly McMillan
Kelly McMillan Entrepreneur

Roger Henderson really helps small businesses. Though he has a great program for every sector, his thoughts on developing small companies may greatly improve the role of entrepreneurs.

Harold Barnett
Harold Barnett Artist

The political program of Mr. Henderson, among other options, is aimed at taking care of our culture, which is very important for our state and that’s exactly why I appreciate what he does.

About Chuck Horn

Chuck Horn is running for Ohio State Representative in the 52nd District.

37 Years Helping People With the Rule Of Law

At Lexis Nexis, Chuck lead people and managed information technology to solve problems

25 Year West Chester Resident

UC Bearcat: Economics, Business and Law

2 Lakota Band Kids

52nd District

Paid for by the Charles J. Horn Campaign Committee, William L. Montague, Treasurer, 15 West 4th Street, Unit 605, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

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